Three Rivers Beer Week is a celebration of Pittsburgh breweries and beer organized by the Pittsburgh Brewers Guild. It includes featured events managed by the PBG and dozens of events run by the PBG’s 38 member breweries.

Wednesday, October 6 through Sunday, October 10, 2021

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Not this year. We are planning a number of smaller events and unique celebrations at PBG member breweries.

Yes! The PBG is working with the Asheville Brewers Alliance to brew the featured collaboration beer for Three Rivers Beer Week. This is one of the few region-to-region beer collaborations to our knowledge. We expect other breweries may pair up for collaborations as well. Sign up for email updates to learn more about when and where the Pittsburgh-Asheville collaboration beer will be available.

At this time we think we have things covered. If a need for volunteers comes up, though, we’ll post about it on and include information in email updates.

Visit and sign up for updates. The site will also feature a cool interactive calendar you can use to find events and add them to your calendar.

At this time we are not planning to have an sponsorships or events at bars or restaurants, but if you have an idea or a question please contact

Yes! As with many, members of the Pittsburgh Brewers Guild closely followed the stories that Brienne Allan (@ratmagnet) shared about uncomfortable workplace and patron environments across the beer industry. We are all learning from those distressing stories and we are committed to making Three Rivers Beer Week events as fun, safe and inclusive as possible for all people. The best thing that is possible for all of our member breweries and supporters is for more people to feel good about having a beer at more places – and that’s what we’re all about.